HPI | Horse Power Ignition
360Ω | 360° | Ø94

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FOR THE FOLLOWING SETS: 068K004, 068K008, 068K009, 068K010, 068K011, 068K013, 068K014, 068K015, 068K029, 068K039, 068K050, 068K051, 068K053, 068K056, 068K057, 068K063, 068K070, 068K076, 068K086, 068K094, 068K095, 068K099, 068K135, 068K140, 068K146, 068K155, 068K159, 068K214, 068K215, 068K223, 068K231, 068K337, 068K444, 068K457