HPI | Horse Power Ignition
Digital CDI/ECU options:
 2 Curves
The CDI will have two additional wires that allow you to switch between two different ignition curves. Selecting the curve can be done by simply connecting or diconnecting these two wires, or by selecting the curve with a switch (image on the right).

Order code for the switch: 068V064
 2 Curves
Only for digital units. Draw your own ignition curve with our TuneBox software, and program it into the CDI with the interface. The TuneBox software is free, and the latest version can be downloaded from the link below.

Order code for the programmation kit (USB Interface and the latest version of the TuneBox software on a CD): 068V043

For more info, or to download the TuneBox software, click here.
PowerJet is only available on digital CDI-units and can be set up with the TuneBox software. It is an exit which is able to draw 2 amperes to ground in 2 user defined RPM regions. This can be used to drive a valve or light at a desired RPM range.

This is an optional exit for most vehicles. If, however, the vehicle already uses this system, our CDIs will be equipped with this system as standard. This means no additional wires, as the system is implemented into the wiring loom or connector, as with the original CDI.

If the vehicle has no standard PowerJet installed, this exit comes as an extra wire. Users should build a valve system on their engines themselves.
 Shift System
Shift Delay System (SD) is only available on digital CDI-units and allows to shift gears without clutch. The shift delay system will retard or interrupt the ignition momentarily to release the transmission load. In this moment the rider can shift up without throttling down.

The shift delay system comes as an additional 2 wire plug (with counterpart) and can be fully adjusted to be used with any input switch, which has to be installed by the user. Use TuneBox to set the SD for normal open or normal closed switches. Set the SD to retard the ignition 60° or to interrupt the ignition for a programmable period of time.
 Shift System
 Throttle position
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is only available on digital CDI-units. It is an optional input which will determine which advance curve will be selected. With TuneBox you will be able to draw 6 different advance curves. The TPS will then decide which one is activated.

Use the TPS in combination with the curve switch:
• Position 1; The CDI will ignore the TPS. The CDI will then select curve 1, which can be used for sound tests.
• Position 2; The TPS signal will determine which curve is selected. Low throttle selects curve 2, full throttle selects curve 6.

If the vehicle has no standard TPS installed, this input comes as an additional 3 wire plug. Users should build a TPS on their system themselves.
 Throttle position


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REPLACES OEM PART CODES: AC51 (827830 / 58053R / 584612 / 746984) / AC21(486955 / 58051R / 584702) / AC21(486956 / 584703 / 02406700) / 176955 / AC21 (486956

ApriliaAtlantic 125 (2002-2011) 125cc
Mojito Custom 125 (2004-2012) 125cc
Mojito Retro 125 (2004-2007) 125cc
Scarabeo 125 (2003-2008) 125cc
Sport City 125 (2004-2007) 125cc
Sport City Cube 125 (2008-2011) 125cc
Sport City One 125 (2008-2011) 125cc
Atlantic 200 (2003-2005) 200cc
Scarabeo 200 (2003-2008) 200cc
Sport City 200 (2004-2007) 200cc
Sport City Cube 200 (2008-2011) 200cc
BenelliAdiva 125 (2001-2004) 125cc
DerbiBoulevard 125 (2002-2011) 125cc
GP1 125 (2006-2011) 125cc
Rambla 125 (2008-2011) 125cc
GileraDNA 125 (2000-2001) 125cc
Nexus 125 (2007-2008) 125cc
Runner 125 VX (2000-2007) 125cc
Runner 125 VXR (2007-2011) 125cc
DNA 180 (2000-2001) 180cc
Runner 180 VXR (2000-2001) 180cc
Runner 200 VXR (2002-2011) 200cc
ItaljetJet Set 125 (2002-2003) 125cc
Torpedo 125 (2000-2003) 125cc
MalagutiMadison 125 (2006-2011) 125cc
Madison 180 (2001-2002) 180cc
F12 Phantom Max 200 (2003-2005) 200cc
Madison 200 (2002-2003) 200cc
PeugeotLooxor 125 (2002-2006) 125cc
Looxor 150 (2002-2008) 150cc
PiaggioBeverly 125 (2001-2012) 125cc
Carnaby 125 (2007-2009) 125cc
Fly 125 (2005-2007) 125cc
Hexagon 125 4T (2000-2002) 125cc
Liberty 125 (2001-2002) 125cc
Liberty 125 RST (2001-2008) 125cc
Liberty 125 Sport (2006-2008) 125cc
MP3 125 (2007-2008) 125cc
Skipper 125 4T (2000-2002) 125cc
Vespa 125 ET4 (2000-2004) 125cc
Vespa 125 GT (2003-2007) 125cc
Vespa 125 GTS (2007-2011) 125cc
Vespa 125 GTV (2006-2009) 125cc
Vespa 125 LX (2005-2008) 125cc
Vespa 125 LXV (2006-2009) 125cc
Vespa 125 S (2007-2008) 125cc
X7 125 (2008) 125cc
X8 125 (2004-2007) 125cc
X8 125 Street (2006-2007) 125cc
X9 125 (2001-2007) 125cc
XEvo 125 (2007) 125cc
Zip 125 (2000-2002) 125cc
Hexagon 180 4T (2000-2002) 180cc
X9 180 (2000-2003) 180cc
Beverly 200 (2001-2003) 200cc
Carnaby 200 (2007-2008) 200cc
Vespa 200 GT (2003-2007) 200cc
X8 200 (2004-2007) 200cc
X9 200 (2002-2003) 200cc