HPI | Horse Power Ignition
HT-coil 1 exit

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FOR THE FOLLOWING SETS: 210K004, 210K008, 210K009, 210K010, 210K011, 210K012, 210K013, 210K015, 210K016, 210K017, 210K051, 210K053, 210K056, 210K059, 210K062, 210K066, 210K069, 210K071, 210K072, 210K076, 210K088, 210K094, 210K097, 210K099, 210K110, 210K121, 210K129, 210K137, 210K139, 210K140, 210K141, 210K152, 210K154, 210K156, 210K168, 210K173, 210K177, 210K199, 210K210, 210K214, 210K215, 210K221, 210K223, 210K238, 210K240, 210K249, 210K284, 210K285, 210K295, 210K298, 210K299, 210K304, 210K305, 210K306, 210K308, 210K312, 210K315, 210K319, 210K322, 210K331, 210K336, 210K338, 210K344, 210K346, 210K355, 210K356, 210K393, 210K395, 210K402, 210K405, 210K406, 210K408, 210K410, 210K414, 210K416, 210K421, 210K427, 210K428, 210K429, 210K435, 210K437, 210K445, 210K453, 210K454, 210K457, 210K466, 210K250